What is Eurodefense? > Memorandum

> of the "EuroDéfense" ASSOCIATIONS



The aims of "EURODEFENSE" are :
>> Within the EURODEFENSE network,
• To deepen thinking about the concept of Europeans security and defence, to debate it and formulate proposals,
• To analyse the vulnerabilities, threats and risks with which Europe is confronted.
• To create opportunities for European meetings in the field of European security and defence,
>> In the European countries,
• To maintain awareness of common interests and to develop a spirit of European defence,
• To extend EURODEFENSE network to all countries of the European Union and to cooperate with other countries whose candidature for the European Union has been agreed,
>> For the national decisions-makers and European Union institutions,
• To promote the findings of EURODEFENSE,
• To formulate concrete proposals and to present EuroDefense thinking to national and EU decision takers,


To achieve its objectives actions are undertaken in three ways:
>> Effective relations within EuroDefense
• To establish and put into action an action plan.
• To set into hand and deepen a methodology for cooperation allowing the national associations to work effectively together.
• To set up and active European and national working groups.
• To set out arguments enabling national associations to present and explain outside its own defence network EuroDefense’s proposals on questions of security and defence.
• To define and apply a calendar for extending the network.
>> Promotion of European security and defence issues
• To organise for EURODEFENSE, annually, the following events :
--> A meeting gathering as many members as possible from all the national associations and depending on circumstances, guests from EU members and other states, as appropriate. Meetings will be organised in rotation by one of the national associations and will be called "The ...th International EURODEFENSE Meeting",
--> National seminars to which are invited representatvies from all national associations,
--> To run a conference adressed by a EURODEFENSE personality,
• To participate in any events where the aims of EURODEFENSE will be best promoted,
>> EURODEFENSE communication
• To distribute :
--> At least once a year a EURODEFENSE paper,
--> Regularly as appropriate, documents of a specific nature common to national associations,
• To establish and distribute to national associations :
--> A directory of members of national associations,
--> Bulletins ad articles whose authors are members of EURODEFENSE,
• To have at its disposal and to operate a EURODEFENSE website,
• To exploit the capabilities of the internet in such manner as to increase the consultation and information exchange between the national associations.


EURODEFENSE is made up of all the national EuroDéfense associations and is organized ind the following way:

The Honorary President(s) is (are) elected by the Council of Presidents.

EURODEFENSE is guided by a Council, which is constituted by the Presidents of all national associations, who assign each year one of their number as President of the Council. The Secretary of EURODEFENSE and the Secretary of the Presidency may assist in council sessions.

The Council of Presidents meets twice a year, chaired by the President, who establishes the agenda in order to:
• Coordinate the future of the associations
• Define a common policy of thought and action
• Make a common action plan.
• Establish a communications policy

Should a meeting be called in a third country, both Presidents will make arrangements as necessary. The other Presidents, as necessary, will submit items for the agenda.

Every decision taken by the Council, will be by consensus.
The paln of activities (PA) will be revised on a yearly basis. The Council will establish a list of themes to be studied and will fix priorities.

The resolutions of the Council will be noted by the Presidency. Therafter, such resolutions will be submitted to the national Presidents, who will have at their disposal a one-month period for possible amendments. One copy, in its final form, drawn up in English and in French, will be archived at the centre by the EURODEFENSE Secretariat. .../...

The Presidency of EURODEFENSE is rotated in turn, from the 1st January to the 31st of December, each year, by the President of the national association organizing the annual international EURODEFENSE meeting.
The President is assisted by the Secretary of the association that he chairs.
This Presidency is responsible for preparing the meetings of the Council of Presidents, establishing after consultation, the agenda and the programme of the annual and all other working sessions of the year of office,


The EURODEFENSE Secretariat is responsible for :
• Updating the associations list which made up of EURODEFENSE, the EWG list, the plan of activities and work agenda,
• supporting, where necessary, the Secretary of the Presidency,
• facilitating the preparation, omplemantation and working of EURODEFENSE activities,
• providing, as an aid to the Presidency, internal EURODEFENSE communications, by assembling and distributing :
--> The EURODEFENSE directory, after annual updating (each association being responsible for the content devoted to itself),
--> the liaison bulletin,
--> documents produced by the national associations.