What is Eurodefense? > A european network

> A European network formed
> by the EuroDefense Associations

The EuroDefense association was created in March 1994 in order to:
• Promote European security and defence identity.
• Contribute to the development of a sense of European defence by concrete initiatives.
• Help the establishment and reinforcement of links with fellow associations in each WEU country.

The first national associations were all in France, Germany, then it Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Greece, Hungary and Romania, looking forward to extending to the whole EU. It was decided that each national association would have the name EuroDefense followed by the name of the country in the national language.

2001 marked the creation of a EURODEFENSE bringing together all the national associations and governed by a Memorandum of Understanding. All associations are driven by a common belief in the importance of a strong common defense and share the same motto :

• All the associations share a common belief that “It is not possible to have defence without Europe nor Europe without defence”.
• The associations have as their mission: “to pursue the search for a united and effective European defence”.

The EURODEFENSE associations network

EURODEFENSE believe that European defence cooperation is indispensable if Europe is to be major strategic player. No European country can hope to preserve its role and its influence without deeper cooperation..

EURODEFENSE is committed to promote and secure recognition of the following points:

• The broad common interest of EU members in the fields of security and defence means that they have to rapidly acquire the capability for rapid decision taking and for action.
• The breadth of their security and defence interests underlines the need for keeping a strategic alliance with the USA.
• In an environment of international competition close cooperation among European defence industries is indispensable in order to create a common technological and industrial base.
• The strengthening of the European strategic position demands that the economic, industrial and technological resources of its members should be combined and unified.
• The network is managed by a council of Presidents which meet twice a year, and an annual conference of member associations.
• From 2003-2009 EuroDefense France provided the general secretariat for associations as a whole.