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MINUTES or information on recent and next events

1- 2009 young EURODEFENSE meeting

EuroDefense-France will organize in August 2009 the Young EURODEFENSE meeting.

2- The last International EuroDefense Meeting took place in London

from 9 th September to 12 th September 2009.

The five different panels were :

Session One : Risks, threats and challenges

Session Two :Defence budgets and procurement in the current financial climate

Session Three : the Trans-Atlantic link : what path now ?

Session Four : Russia and European security

Session Five : Europeans in action

3- The last Presidents Council took place in Vienna from 21 th to 24 th May 2009.

statement of decisions

english version

french version

the 2008 Presidents Council took place in Madrid

statement of decision

english version

french version




A conference about the permanent structured cooperation took place in Paris at the Assembly of Union of the occidental Europe on Thursday 6 th october 2008. Different EuroDefense associations presented a speech.

The subject was : Interest of a "Permanent Structured Cooperation" from concept to a future reality. (french version).



General Jean Rannou, President of EuroDefense-France published an article about the master role of aerospace intelligence in political and diplomatical decision. (FV) in the review "Penser les Ailes françaises" (N°20 of summer 2009 ) on the website www.cesa.air.defense.gouv

The 2009 version of the comparison of the efforts of defence has been published.

french version

english version

EuroDefense-France has published her Bulletin N°26 (june 2009).

Alain Cremieux, former General Engineer of Armement has published "Les Mémoires d'un technocrate" . He tells in this book the evolution of the former Ministry Delegation of Armement that became the General Delegation of Armement, the successful cooperations between english and french aeronautical industries, the development of microprocessors ... (to command the book write to Mr Alain Cremieux 40 rue Botzaris 75019 Paris - price : 15 euros + 4 euros for the dispatch)

The last breakfast-debate of EuroDefense-France give the opportunity to Mrs Isabelle Facon, Master of Research at the Strategic Research Foundation about EU-Russia Relationships (FV) (18. th december 2008).