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At the Young Europeans Meeting organised by EuroDéfense France in July 2002 the enthusiasm of the young European listeners for debating European defence issues was manifest. EuroDéfense wishes to contribute to the further development of the young peoples’ activities and their involvement in EuroDéfense France and the EURODEFENSE network.

The young peoples’ aim is to organise horizontal action within EuroDéfense France and thus to take part in the existing and highly dynamic committees of the Association.

Ambitions and Tasks

- To take advantage of the Young Peoples’ Meeting of July 2002 to promote EuroDéfense and boost the recruitment of young people. This will call for a well-targeted communications campaign to inform young people about EuroDéfense-France and the activities of the EURODEFENSE network, in order to encourage them to take part in the different activities. (We need an information campaign that is specific to young people).

- To create a link with other national defence-related associations involving young people.
For example: ANAJ, CIDAN, Youth-Army Commission, Future European Security Forum, Young Federalist Europeans.

- To maintain the link between young French members and the young members of the other EuroDéfense Associations.

Young Peoples’ Activities

- Young Europeans’ Meetings

- Partnership between EuroDéfense and CIDAN (Association Civisme Défense Armée Nation) for the Klingenthal III seminar from 15 to 17 October 2003 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The purpose of this meeting was to study concrete proposals for developing and promoting a genuine European security and defence awareness.
Participation of young Europeans in round tables.

- Involvement in the “Young” European Working Group (EWG).
Young members of EuroDéfense Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal and France seized the opportunity to meet again during the IXth EuroDéfense International Meeting from 24 to 27 September 2003 in Bonn.
On that occasion they exchanged views on “European defence and public opinion” and contributed to the general debate on this topic.
They also decided, at the end of the meeting, to set up an on-line working group to pursue their discussion on the future prospects for European defence.

Thought is currently being given to having the young people whose activities have been organised and developed within the different EuroDéfense Associations participate in the EURODEFENSE International Conferences. EuroDéfense’s ambition is to open the doors of its committees and make available its news-sheet to young members, who it hopes will become involved in growing numbers.

See latest news to know in which events young members will be taking part.