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General Policy
Chairman: Guy PETIBON

Members: Mrs J. P. Bernard, J.D. Blanchet, General Y. Capdepont, F. Chabannes, M. Desmoulin, Admiral J. Lanxade, General B. de Lapresle, J.P. Mazery, General M. Sevrin and H. Trachez.

Four topics were studied in 2002 :
Harmonisation of police procedures at European level;
Review of armed forces legitimacy;
Does peace have a future?
Proposals to the Convention on the Future of Europe.

The latter draft was presented at the meeting in Lisbon and sent by EuroDefense-Portugal on EURODEFENSE’s behalf to the Præsidium.

In 2003, the Committee aims to tackle three main subjects:
• The future of strategic nuclear power in Europe
• The future borders of Europe
• The military use of space and Europe

Publications :
«Expérience de l’OTAN au Kosovo : Leçons pour l’avenir» by Guy Petibon, (edition 2001 by EuroDéfense-France and 2002 by EuroDéfense-Italia).

International Affairs
Chairman: Denis VERRET

Members : Messrs D. Berthault, R. Gourgeon, Admiral J. Lanxade, Paye, D. Coulmy and Ms L. Frier.

The first topic studied in 2003 and continued in 2004 is the level of the defence effort in Europe concerning military programs, with particular focus on the question how of to convince public opinion and opinion-leaders of the importance of increasing that defence effort
With a view to answering this question the Committee will call on the services of EuroDéfense’s European networks. Original modes of action will be defined.

Publications :
A document about Defence effort was officially presented at spring 2003.

Strategy and Means
Chairman: Gilles COMBARIEU

Members: rs Dehouck, Kieffer, Roux and Viriot.
The Committee was set up in 2002 in order to draw up a draft proposal for the European Convention. A number of documents were brought together under the title Ideas on a European defence. After studying what Europe’s ambitions in this field should be, the Committee drafted a number of proposals for enhancing the efficiency of the institutions and Europe’s defence capabilities.

In 2003 it is working on the notion of European strategic concept.

Chairman: Pierre BAYLE

Christian de Wykerslooth
The Committee regularly publishes a news sheet to which each member contributes. P. Bayle explains that “We are the only ones who have a news sheet that we make available to the other associations. We want to become the link between the different EuroDéfense associations".

Chairman: Pascal MEUNIER

P. Bayle, Ch. Cornu, J. Favin-Lévêque, C. Franceschini, J.P. Girault, P. Monclar, J. Rouilloux, Y. Sillard, P. Tenneson, B. Zeller.

The programme of work for the year 2004 concerns mainly the terms of reference of the future armaments agency.

In spring 2003, drafting of two documents for the Convention on the future of Europe: one on the development of an Agency for Armaments and Strategic Research, the other (under the auspices of EuroDefense-Deutschland) on the development of a European defence equipment market.

Organisation – Events
Chairman: François BRESSON

One of EuroDéfense’s tasks is to organise various events and conferences either alone or jointly with other institutions such as the WEU Assembly and the IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale).

Among its activities involving representatives of industry and political personalities and which contribute to keeping the members of EuroDéfense informed are its breakfast discussions .

Relations with Associations
Chairman: Claude ROSIUS

The prime objective of EuroDéfense is to “raise awareness in the European countries of their common interests and to develop the European defence spirit”. It is therefore important to join forces with the associations emanating from other institutions (such as the IHEDN and CHEAr) or which were created at the initiative of their founders (for example Club Démocraties) and which share the same goals, while respecting the identity of each.
Gathering together to contribute to the promotion of a European defence is this Committee’s prime objective.

Information Sources
Chairman: Françoise LEPINE
With cooperation of Hélène TRACHEZ

This Committee reflects the strong need within EuroDéfense to be better informed while at the same time better informing others. One of its most tangible achievements is this Internet website.

You are a EuroDéfense member, you have published a document or article concerning Europe, and you want to disseminate it more widely: Send your text to this Committee, which can make it available online on this website.
Every text is submitted to the Association Council for approval.

Association members are welcome to take part in the differents works in progress.

How to join ? :
contact the EuroDéfense-France Delegation which will forward your application to the Committee Chairmen.