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"Creating and developing European working meetings"

International Meetings

First entitled “Conferences”, the International Meetings are organised by each association in turn. Their proceedings are published.

14 th International Meeting in Luxemburg (2008) 26th - 28th September
3 Working groups have finished the redaction of their reports that have received the agreement of all EuroDefense Associations :
- The Permanent Structured Cooperation,
- Stability and security in the mediteranean area,
- European command and planning capabilities.

13 th International Meeting in Rome (2007) 9th -11th november

12 th International Meeting in Athens (2006) 3th - 4th November

11 th International Meeting in Paris (2005) 30th september - 1st October

10 th International Meeting in Baden (2004)

- 9th International Meeting in Bonn (24-27 September 2003)
European Constitution and Common Security

- 8th International Meeting in Lisbon (25 -27 September 2002)
After the euro, the European defence policy

-7th International Meeting in London (12 - 14 September 2001)
The European Union and NATO: Practical Progress and Prospects

- 6th International Meeting in Paris (15 -17 June 2000)
To play our role in tomorrow’s world, what kind of European defence?

- 5th International Conference in The Hague (30 September - 2 October 1999)
The cultural identity, the long term concept, the political reality, practical steps.

- 4th International Conference in Florence (25 - 27 September 1998)
Ensuring European Defence

- 3rd Sitting of the EURODEFENSE Associations in Madrid (29 - 31 May 1997)
Europe responsible for its own defence
Concerning three main topics : the European forces structure, the defense industries and the European strategy of deterrence.

- 2nd International Conference in Potsdam (25 - 27 April 1996)
Concluded with "Recommendations for the Intergovernmental Conference on implementing the European defence concept " adopted unanimously by the associations.

- 1st international Conference in Paris (10 October 1995)
"The European defence identity"


"Building a European Defence with the support of public opinion"
EuroDéfense-France and WEU the 5th November 2001 in the French Senate.

“European Defense Capabilities”
Madrid, June 2002

1st EuroDéfense Young Europeans Conferences
Paris, 17th to 21st July 2002